Lace-up ballerinas

Men's shoes are back stronger than ever and in defloresyfloreros we give it one more turn to make you feel super feminine within the most masculine model! These shoes might sound like you. Yes, they are the same ones your father wears in her backgammon suit. Stealing them can be difficult - because you probably don't use the same foot number as him - but getting the same ones in defloresyfloreros will be very easy.

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We continue to preserve the comfort of the brand, the highest quality and our marked and differentiating style. Who said that a Blucher should be smooth leather, in black, blue or brown? Putting an engraved velvet, embroidery, print, sequins and even feathers on the shovel will make them your undoing. In this model we can allow 100% of them to have our characteristic 1.5cm internal wedge and the perfect width of the last that prevails that feeling of going barefoot despite wearing a closed shoe. Several campaigns ago we thought about including ourselves among our favorites and something that we love about you is that the more risky the model is, the more you like it. This feature drives us crazy, you allow us to unleash our most brutal imagination! We always make models with laces, both in summer and winter, with the difference that in winter they are more closed and in many models we put natural hair inside, with which we get a perfect feeling of going in slippers at home . There are many of us who do not wear stockings or socks at any time of the year and this is the perfect solution! In summer, the solution is to give them strategic openings, with flower shapes that make them the most special, square necklines or perforations that reveal the foot! Forget this! The most elegant and sophisticated looks are no longer only accompanied by a high heel. This season, the true stars of our collection are found in our category of flats and laces for women. This type of footwear provides a very youthful style in any of its versions, as well as an extra comfort for all kinds of plans. This positions it as the main resource of our clients who we want to reward with the arrival of the most innovative proposals. We had forgotten how good women's lace-up shoes look with our favorite jeans. Now that we have expanded our range in type of jeans, they will help us to achieve a look that is attractive as well as sophisticated. Do you want to know the best? You will only need to wear any of them of defloresyfloreros and to succeed.

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