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Flowers, squares, stripes ... at defloresyfloreros we care about your feet, for this we make all our products by hand, in a traditional way and in Spain, with a touch of sophistication and a bit daring. In defloresyfloreros all our products are lined with leather, with a hidden internal wedge of 1.5cm that together with its lid add up to 2cm and that makes them have the perfect height that the back needs

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We give the necessary width so that the foot does not suffer with the narrowing that tip models usually have. Because of this, you should choose the usual size that is used taking into account that we cut a tad wide. Our raw materials are of the highest quality: silk velvet, nappa, cotton fabrics, wild silks, hand-sewn sequins, embroidered fabrics, rex ... the perfect thing so that the combination of all of them make the most risky and feminine combination for your feet be the protagonists! The interior of our models incorporates a gel insole that will make you feel very comfortable when you step on any of them. In defloresyfloreros there is a very high percentage of flat items but we began to get into the heel having different heights, from 2cm to 6cm, the latter being the maximum since we want to continue to maintain comfort in the fit and tread! In addition to the ballerinas, we offer you ankle boots that will make your feet not go unnoticed, running sports and lace-up Bluchers, as well as sandals and crab shoes, adapting depending on the time of year. We adjust to the latest trends, giving you the brand's distinctive ticket, either by the combination of materials or by the differentiating patterns of the market that makes any of them your downfall. We launch two campaigns a year of approximately 80 models, but we always want to offer you something new throughout the season, launching capsule collections with collaborations with brands or designers with whom we feel identified. We trust the pairing and collaboration between brands! We make models to cover all your wardrobe needs every day of the year. And it is that within its wide variety of models you can find designs created for both the summer and winter seasons. In defloresyfloreros you will find dozens of options for all kinds of different situations. Flatter models to gain security and confidence, or more refined and elegant aesthetics for your best staging. Models that will make your perfect complement both day and night, based on how your outfit is. Discover the new collection in this section of the website and make your feet be the protagonists!

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