Ankle boots

Our ankle boots always sweep, they are groundbreaking, different, super warm because they are lined with fur or hair and above all, very very comfortable! With 'midi' dresses, 'slouchy' jeans, with jacket suits, satin skirts ... This is the Victorian footwear that will best combine with all the garments found in your wardrobe. To gray days, joy on your feet!

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We reinvent the mythical witch ankle boots of always with a differentiating touch, very soft, without buttress and lined with natural hair. Actually, it is an updated version of them, those Victorian air lace-up ankle boots that back in 2018 began to popularize in the most groundbreaking street style images. It is never too late to adopt one of the footwear trends that is having the most presence in the Instagram accounts that we consult to have a clear idea of ​​what to wear and what not. But we are not left alone in this model of ankle boots, we go a little further with the market trends giving it our hallmark of different and colorful materials! Who said that an ankle boot should be smooth, boring and simple? In our online catalog you can find from animal print models with patterns as groundbreaking as sequins or engraved suede. Dare with any of them that you will love! We continue with the brand's flagship comfort, giving it the width that the foot needs and our internal 1.5cm wedge for greater comfort. An important feature to take into account is its height, we think of all of you lowering the height below the ankle, this does not in any case shorten the leg. Campaign after campaign, everything indicates that the boots are here to stay, becoming viral and will be very different from their predecessors. The Autumn / Winter season will be full of lace-up ankle boots, but at flower and flower shop we are not talking about the classic –and functional– military ankle boots, but the more sophisticated version of them: the lace-up ankle boots with a comfortable 2cm heel and a Victorian air. And it is that his return is totally justified, since the romanticism will be planted in our closet through blouses and dresses, to stay! In defloresyfloreros we have our personal stamp, each pair of ankle boots is an explosion of creativity and personal character with which you will feel feminine, groundbreaking and extremely comfortable. We invite you to dive through our website and see the wonders that can make your feet be the protagonists!

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