Accessories are the essential complement for women concerned with fashion and good taste. In defloresyfloreros we offer you the perfect complement so that your looks finish having the touch of ten!

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We expand the accessories campaign after campaign, this season the novelty is the belts very in line with our style: handmade, artisanal and in animal print. We have a small collection of young and refreshing spirit, in endless styles to combine with your urban and cosmopolitan outfits. As every year, the most risky designs make their way without forgetting the classics, which continue to triumph at the hands of the most fashionistas. In addition, we have toiletry bags, handmade, lined in cotton fabrics that contrast with their exterior and that you can use as a handbag. Would you like some gloves in different versions? To drive, in perforated nappa leather, with buttons covered with a soft leather, very tasty and in full color! In defloresyfloreros you will find fashion in full color in a collection so you don't get bored. Accessories with the best materials. Women's accessories do not stop happening to accommodate all tastes. Thus, the proposals that we show you in defloresyfloreros will break into your monotony to dress freely. One of the trends that is sweeping has to do with the boho chic style, with wonderful pieces. Any of them will serve to give a more sophisticated touch to your simple dresses. Following a more sophisticated aspect are the gloves, which have no limit in clothing. They can go in party or informal outfits with jeans, 90s air denim jackets and, as a final finish, to drive, giving you round elegance! Dare with one of our accessories that you can see at, we are waiting for you!

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