Pointed ballerinas shoes

With jeans, long dress, shorts, mini dress and even for brides. Our pointe shoes with a combination of fabrics, colors, prints and leathers that will lift your look any day! Our ballerinas raise passions, make you feel safe, stomp and make your feet take center stage! We take great care of their aesthetics, throughout the year we do numerous tests so that all our models are comfortable, wearable and of the highest quality.
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They are adaptable for people with wide or narrow feet, the necklines are adjusted so that they are perfect on any type of foot, making the aesthetic as feminine as possible. With a 1.5cm internal wedge so that our legs do not get tired throughout the day and make our ballerinas the best allies! The ballerina, for a few years now, is a tremendously demanded model as it reminds you of your childhood, it allows you to be comfortable on any occasion and our lasts have strategic patterns and openings to stylize your foot. All our models have an explosion of color and combination of fabrics that we use both in summer and winter. Animal print and silk velvet are part of the brand's identity at any time of the year. This model is considered a very versatile footwear and easy to combine, so it uses tight jeans and basic or message t-shirts to enjoy a comfortable and current outfit. In addition, defloresyfloreros proposes you online ballerinas with 24h shipping in Peninsula that will be your ally in the best plans. When the time of year comes when you have to make changes in the closet and our shoe rack is in chaos, looking for comfortable shoes is an almost mandatory activity. What if we told you that with defloresyfloreros we have it very easy? Yes, the most classic and comfortable footwear of all time has become an absolute trend. We are talking about the pointe ballerinas. And it is that, for several campaigns we have seen the emergence of new and original trends and in defloresyfloreros we are master craftsmen who will make them your undoing! Years ago the trend was to go to work with a 10cm heel but for some time now, we have gradually descended from the heights until it is very common to wear a 100% formal look and ballerinas, do you dare? The bets range from flexible material ballerinas reminiscent of ballet shoes, ballerinas with a sensible heel (2cm) to those with an ankle bracelet or strings on the instep. But they all have a common denominator; they are comfortable, versatile, different and ultra feminine! Our ballerinas are designed to make you feel beautiful, special, different and brighten your days just by looking at your feet! You will be the envy of the street!

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