If a shoe has been groundbreaking in the world of fashion, are the sports or running for daily, they mark our Street style becoming irresistible! In defloresyfloreros until now we have had a round toe last, rather classic combining with very different materials such as suede and animal print but this campaign we have thrown ourselves into the pool launching a different, groundbreaking and more current last. We add neoprene and technical fabrics to them, are you ready? You are going to love them!
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This winter, sneakers come out of the background to become the articulating axis of styles, because for something they have entered the world of luxury to steal the legendary attention that handbags received. There are options for all tastes within the most colorful bets of sports and streetwear firms, which do not stop surprising with models dotted with vibrant colors. Today, they aspire - sports shoes - to become more than mere sports accessories and they are on the right track. The famous worldwide known for their cool outfits are already using them in a luxury key. Become one of them blatantly succeeding in street style, with dressed shorts, jeans, an oversize basic t-shirt and a white blazer. Long days and many plans? ... Sometimes we need a comfortable look that accompanies us from morning to night, but sometimes this seems impossible. At defloresyfloreros we have the solution with any of our models but women's shoes take the cake. This campaign you can get a look of the most fashion without having to give up comfort. We are talking about Urban Style, that style that combines a casual look without making our feet suffer. This type of footwear, previously relegated to sporting use, is reinvented as part of the more working looks. Remember that a skirt in any of its formats is the perfect complement to any of our sneakers. Do you dare to wear one of our models with your most casual look or even with your most special dress for that dinner that you want so much? We encourage you to feel different, beautiful but at the same time comfortable and leave determined to take over the world!

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